Designed for educational facilities, healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, manufacturing, commercial and industrial applications, Gamewell-FCI S3 protects people, property, and assets worldwide from the dangers of fire.

The Gamewell-FCI S3 Series continuously exceeds National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and is a highly reliable and innovative fire alarm system. This system was created to be simple and easy to use. The Gamewell-FCI S3 Series eliminates the needs for rows of buttons and puzzling switches. The touch screen menu is easy to navigate and offers clear concise system operations.

The simplicity of this device eliminates the potentially dangerous confusion during an emergency fire event and we aren’t the only ones who agree…10 million buildings rely on Honeywell technology!

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The Gamewell-FCI S3 series is simple to install and budget friendly. Most importantly, this advanced system provides high level protection for your building and its occupants.

As the Dallas Fort Worth leader in fire protection services and commercial security systems, iProtection clients know they can rely on us for honest, quality work. For more information on the Gamewell-FCI S3 series give us a call today at 972-484-7722 or request a consult.

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Our experience with fire alarm codes, local fire authorities, and constrution requirements are critical ingredients in our commercial fire protection system designs.