Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems provide the next line of defense by restricting access to different operating areas of the business around the clock. Security technology now makes it possible to integrate credential cards, biometric readers, code-controlled keypads, and toll tags in a system customized to your security needs. Controlling the access times and flow of employees and non-employees in a facility is the single biggest step in providing comprehensive security protection.

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Comprehensive Access Control Methods for a Secure Facility

iProtection Systems Commercial Security Access Control Readers Installation Services

Access Control Readers

Commercial Access Control Readers provide peace of mind and a higher level of management to the access of your facilities. Physical, bio-metric, toll tag, and mobile access methods can all be easily managed from a single platform.

iProtection Systems Commercial Emergency & Security Communication Terminals

Communication Terminals

Integrate two-way emergency intercom systems throughout business properties or establish security terminals across a campus to ensure employee or student safety.

Locking Hardware for Business Entrance Points - Access Control from iProtection Systems

Locking Hardware

iProtection Systems can recommend and install a number of locking hardware pieces which secure entrances to your business, warehouse, school, hospital, or any other facility for maximum security protection.

Security Doors & Entry Gate Systems

Security Gates & Doors

Monitor and control the flow of people in and out of your facility with security gates and doors. These combined with access control methods easily allow you to restrict the flow of traffic between public or private areas within your business.

Web-Based Access Control Systems

Easily manage and monitor secure access from one central platform

A browser-based access control software platform allows day-to-day management from a security team’s existing mobile devices and computers. No more sending out technicians to make software changes and manage user access to systems. IT security can also deploy computer updates and database maintenance from the convenience of a single integrated platform.

Perform day-to-day security checks or make changes to access within one main control system. Key card and other access control types can all be managed through the web-based platform.  Create custom views to  display live feeds of specific entry points, and schedule custom reports to monitor the frequency and location of access activity.

Web-Based or Browser Integrated Access Control Systems
Web-Based Access Control Systems Provide:
  • Alarm monitors and real-time event notifications

  • Manual override, lock and unlock doors, shunt/bypass zones and input points

  • Account-sensitive mobile credentials, and card/cardholder database import utility

  • Manage Mobile Credentials, Card and Cardholders
  • Limited-Use, Escort, VIP, Standard access and note fields

  • Live floor plan views

  • Attached cardholder photos

  • Access area and door schedule management

  • Tracking and Muster reports
  • Unauthorized access prevention with video verification

  • Arm and disarm based on card read or point

  • Create report templates and schedules

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