Access Control Reader Types

Integrated physical access control readers allow controlled access to buildings and other sensitive areas by using smart cards, key code pads, or other reader systems. Physical entry authorization can be conducted through a number of multi-technology readers, such as:

  • Credential Cards
  • Keypad Codes
  • Biometric Readers
  • Toll Tags

Credential Card Readers

Create a complete security solutions with an integrated access control system. These industry standard 125 kHz HID compatible readers provide consistent performance in a small package and are available in several colors that seamlessly integrates with your business exterior and inteior design aesthetics. The door access card readers are available in black, charcoal gray, and ivory and are constructed with rugged poly carbonate materials approved for both indoor and outdoor applications. All key card readers integrate with a local power supply and come with security functions that prevent the reader from being removed from the wall or attempted compromising of the system.

Web-Based or Browser Integrated Access Control Systems

Proximity Card Readers Convenience

  • Integrate multiple credential technologies onto one reader platform with support for proximity, smart, and mobile device credentials

  • Manage reader settings in the field with configured id cards or mobile app

Proximity Card Readers Security

  • Encrypted communication between credential and reader for smart and mobile device credentials

  • Multiple encryption layers using HID’s SIO (Secure Identity Object™) and Seos™ platforms

Bio-metric Readers

Bio-metric secure access control systems offer an added layer of protection for your most security sensitive locations. Unlike key cards, bio-metric authorization measures, such as fingerprints, cannot be shared with another user so the approved person must be physically present at the access point. iProtection Systems equips organizations with the right tools to protect employees, secure assets, and ensure regulatory compliance by combining access control, security camera video, intrusion and other functions into one powerfully integrated security system.

Biometric Access Control Reader Systems

Bio-metric Readers Convenience

  • Leading fingerprint technology ranked most accurate by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

  • Upgradeable reader capacities up to 100,000 users (capacities vary by device)

  • RoHS, REACH and WEEE Compliant

Bio-metric Readers Security

  • FBI PIV IQS Certified Optical Sensor

  • Multi-factor authentication including PIN+BIO & Card+PIN+BIO

  • Anti-fraud features include optional patented, BSI certified electro-optical fake finger detection technology

Toll Tag Readers

Integrated security systems don’t necessarily start only at your front entrance—they can start in your parking lot or garage. Ensure security for your employees and business with toll tag access control systems. Using a Long Range RFID Tag (toll tag) allows you to easily manage, audit, and control vehicle traffic flow to and from your gated areas.

Toll Tag Access Control Readers

Gated Toll Tag Access Control Convenience

  • Toll tag entry automatically opens and closes gates/bars

  • Mobile device compatible access entry

Gated Toll Tag Access Control Security

  • Restrict unauthorized entry or control employee access

  • Remotely manage and monitor gated access

Comprehensive Access Control Methods for a Secure Facility

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As a business owner it’s your responsibility to keep your building and personnel safe. Take the necessary security measures to ensure that no one can harm your business or your employees. Using access control systems for your business is the best way to increase the security and manage the flow of people through the premises.

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