Integrated Communication Terminals

Deploying an integrated communication terminals for security or emergency purposes is important for keeping people informed or secure. iProtection Systems can integrate two-way emergency intercom systems throughout your business or establish security terminals across your campus to ensure employee or student safety.

  • Emergency & Security Intercom Systems
  • Parking & Campus Communication Systems

Emergency & Security Intercom Systems

Keeping people informed during a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation can save more lives or prevent further injuries. iProtection Systems can help you deploy a robust Emergency Communications System (ECS)/ Mass Notification System (MNS) as part of your integrated business security system solutions. A wide range of solutions from 2-way communications terminals, to pre-recorded/live announcements, to mass notifications systems via digital displays or device notifications can be deployed across your business campus to keep employees or customers safe and secure.

Emergency Communications Systems / Mass Notification Systems

Parking & Campus Communication Systems

Long lines in a parking garage can cause security or convenience issues for your business. Avoid those with a communication system for your parking lot and keep your traffic flowing. These systems allow you to communicate at the gate access to answer questions or resolve payment machine problems.

If you have a large campus for your business or school, keeping employees or students informed and secure is critical. With a campus wide communication terminal system, people can connect with your access control center to ask questions or call in an emergency situation before is reaches your door.

Parking & Campus Communications Systems

Comprehensive Access Control Methods for a Secure Facility

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As a business owner it’s your responsibility to keep your building and personnel safe. Take the necessary security measures to ensure that no one can harm your business or your employees. Using access control systems for your business is the best way to increase the security and manage the flow of people through the premises.

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