Security Door Locking Hardware

Secure access to your facility or business can only happen when your entrances are securely locked down and access is managed. iProtection Systems can recommend and install a number of locking hardware pieces that can secure entrances in your business, warehouse, school, hospital, or other facility that you need secured.

Access Control Locking Hardware Solutions

Coupled with proximity card or biometric readers, locking hardware for access control is critical to ensuring that the security of your facility is maintained. iProtection Systems can install these door and entrance locking mechanisms as part of a fully integrated business security system for your business, school, hospital, or facility.

  • Magnetic Door Lock Hinges
  • Electrified Door Locksets
  • Delayed Egress Door Locks

  • Electrified Door Strikes
  • Electrified Exit Push Pad Devices
  • Electric Latch Retraction Kit
  • Electric Deadbolt Locks
  • Battery Powered Electronic Door Locks
  • Request-to-Exit Switches
  • Low Energy Swing Door Operators
  • Secure Power Transfer Door Hinges
  • Shared Bathroom Door Connectors
  • Explosion Proof Access Components
Locking Hardware for Business Entrance Points - Access Control

Comprehensive Access Control Methods for a Secure Facility

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As a business owner it’s your responsibility to keep your building and personnel safe. Take the necessary security measures to ensure that no one can harm your business or your employees. Using access control systems for your business is the best way to increase the security and manage the flow of people through the premises.

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