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Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

iProtection System is State of Texas and Oklahoma authorized Commercial Fire Sprinkler Company and Contractor located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have over 20 years’ commercial fire protection experience and our team brings world-class service and an in-depth understanding of the industry.

As one of the leading fire sprinkler companies, our sales and technical staff have the practical experience and knowledge to understand your commercial sprinkler system needs and tailor a proposal based on specific job conditions, budget constraints, and schedule concerns.

Locally Owned and Operated • Serving Texas & Oklahoma Since 2000

Business owners know us to be a one of the leading fire sprinkler installation companies in the North Texas and Tulsa areas. Following the design and installation of your commercial fire sprinkler system, and approval and permitting of the plan by local fire department officials, our team of highly trained professionals will fully test your sprinkler system. Rest assured that the design will be perfectly suited to your facility and take into account any future plans you have for the space. As a part of the installation process, we will perform a variety of system safety tests on the sprinkler heads and piping system, leaving you with an extreme level of confidence in our ability to protect your assets around the clock.

Our technicians will also train you in fire sprinkler operation so that you completely understand the system. Once the sprinkler system is installed, we are only a phone call away and will return for regular maintenance and inspections.

Pre-Action Sprinklers

Ideal for buildings with valuable art or public records. Water only travels through pipes when activated.

Wet Pipe Sprinklers

Great for high rise buildings and have low maintenance requirements. Water remains in pipes for a more rapid response when activated.

Dry Pipe Sprinklers

Best used in warehouses without temperature control methods. Pipe will never freeze or burst because of frozen water.

Deluge Fire Sprinklers

A highly responsive system which is triggered with smoke or heat detectors in places oil refineries or chemical plants.

Simply stated: Fire sprinkler systems save lives and property which far outweighs the cost in potential insurance claims or loss of life. Don’t let your countless hours invested in your businesses success literally go up in smoke.

Fire Sprinklers Work 24/7

A fire sprinkler system can prevent a fire from spreading and destroying when you or your employees are not around to mitigate a fire.

Fire Sprinklers Save on Insurance Premiums

Building or business owners, depending on the type of building they have, can receive discounts on insurance premiums ranging from 10% to 60%. These savings alone can pay for the fire sprinkler system.

Fire Damage Costs More than Water Damage

Fire sprinklers typically release 24 gallons of water per minute compared to a fire hose’s 150 gallons of water per minute. A fireman’s job is to use as much water to douse the flames while a sprinkler system’s job is to douse the flames as locally as possible. Fires cause many millions more in structural damage, loss, and employee productivity than water damage from sprinkler systems. At iProtection Systems, we’ll work with you to develop with right fire protection plan with the right sprinkler types to protect your property.

Estimated Sprinkler Costs

Your building is unique and our experts will work with you to design the right system for your fire protection needs. Below are estimates of costs based on our decades of experience:

  • New Builds: $1 – $2 per sq.ft.

  • Retrofits: $2 – $7 per sq.ft.

  • High Rise Buildings: $2 – $4 per sq.ft.

  • Historic Buildings: $10+ per sq.ft.

From small businesses to high-rise buildings, our team has installed fire protection systems for:

  • Airports

  • Office Spaces

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities

  • Technology Centers

  • Power Sports & Automobile Dealerships

  • Storage Facilities

  • Retail & Shopping Centers

  • and More!

Proud Member of the American Fire Sprinkler Association

A fire sprinkler system is one of the most important choices you will make for your business. Once we install your sprinkler system, iProtection Systems will continue to work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that all quarterly and annual fire system inspections, backflow preventer inspections, as well as regular maintenance services are completed in a timely manner. Our easy-to-use online report system will ensure that your code compliant service reports are easily accessible at any time to supply to local authorities.

Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections

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Fire Sprinkler Systems FAQs

How do fire sprinkler systems work?2020-10-14T08:59:29-05:00

Home or commercial fire sprinkler systems react to an increase in temperature in their surroundings and release water to extinguish the source of the temperature increase.

When are fire sprinklers required?2020-10-14T08:59:29-05:00

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most important lines of defense for your business, customers, tenantes, employees, and yourself. Because safety is one of your’s and local official’s concerns, many localities are now mandating that buildings have fire sprinkler systems installed. At iProtection Systems, we ensure that your business complies with national and local fire safety requirements by designing, testing, inspecting and maintaining your building’s sprinkler system and sprinkler system backflow preventer for years to come. Let us use our expertise to protect your commercial property, give iProtection Systems a call today.

What regulatory body mandates sprinkler systems?2020-10-14T08:59:29-05:00
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the main organization that sets the standards for fire safety including fire sprinkler system requirements.
  • In 1990, Congress passed the Hotel & Motel Fire Safety Act mandating that hotels and motels receiving government funds meet fire safety requirements.
  • Municipalities and other local jurisdictions set the majority of fire safety protocols for businesses.
What size building requires a fire sprinkler system?2020-10-14T08:59:29-05:00

According to the latest NFPA guidelines (NFPA 13), fire sprinkler systems must be installed in:

  • All newly constructed commercial buildings 5,000 sq.ft. or larger .
  • When remodeling an existing commercial building and the square footage increases to 12,000 or more
  • Two or more unit townhomes and the sprinkler systems must be designed to NFPS 12-R requirements to include coverage of breezeways, garages, and balconies
  • Buildings more than 55 feet tall
How much does a commercial sprinkler system cost?2020-10-14T11:30:04-05:00

The cost of a fire sprinkler system can be recouped in savings on insurance premiums, but saving property and lives far outweighs any costs of the system. Your building is unique and our experts will work with you to design the right system for your fire protection needs. Based on years of experience we estimate: new buildings can range from $1 – $2 per sq.ft., retrofits of existing buildings can range from $2 – $7 per sq.ft., high rise buildings can range from $2 – $4 per sq.ft., and historic buildings can range from $10+ per sq.ft. due to numerous complexities and regulations. Contact us today to discuss your building’s needs.

Who can install commercial fire sprinkler systems?2020-10-14T08:59:29-05:00

Only a qualified, professional fire sprinkler company, like iProtection Systems, can help business owners navigate the complexities of local regulations, proper permitting, and industry standard installation. With over 20 years of commercial fire protection experience, iProtection Systems is a team of highly trained professionals with practical knowledge to understand your fire protection needs. We ensure that your business complies with national and local fire safety requirements by designing, testing, inspecting and maintaining your building’s sprinkler system and sprinkler system backflow preventer for years to come. Let us use our expertise to protect your commercial property, give iProtection Systems a call today.

What are the advantages of having fire sprinklers in my commercial business?2020-10-14T08:59:29-05:00

While some counties in North Texas might not require you to install a fire sprinkler system, you should consider installing one for the safety of your business, workers, customers, equipment, and much more.

All commercial businesses in North Texas will benefit from properly installed and designed fire sprinklers that are maintained on a regular basis. Still asking yourself, “does my business need a fire sprinkler?” here are more advantages for installing a fire sprinkler system into your building:

  • Reduces water damage: Sprinkler systems reduce property damage by allowing you to quickly act and respond to protect your most valuable equipment.
  • Saves Lives: According to the NFPA, adding sprinklers to a commercial building lowers the change of death by fire by 88%.
  • Reduces fire damage: Fire sprinkler systems activate instantly when triggered by high heat caused by a fire below while the average response time is between 9 – 12 minuets.
  • Lowers your insurance premiums: Lower insurance premiums help the money that you’ve invested into your sprinkler system pay for itself.
When are fire sprinklers required in commercial buildings?2020-10-14T11:32:14-05:00

Requirements for installing a fire sprinkler system in commercial buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Oklahoma varies by county. The buildings requirements are based on many things such as:

  • Size
  • Occupancy
  • Construction classification

To find out what regulations are needed for your newly constructed or renovated commercial business, contact us.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems – Installation, Inspection, Testing, Service and, Sales

Fire protection systems are essential in a fire emergency. iProtection Systems ensures that your business complies with national and local fire safety requirements by testing, inspecting and maintaining your building’s fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Request a quote below or call us to learn more: 972-484-7722

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