Sound Masking and White Noise Systems

Sound masking and reinforcement is your facilities solution for privacy, protection and productivity. These systems create a comfortable work environment that is free from distractions allowing your employees to become more productive while increasing your facilities confidentiality.

Locally Owned and Operated • Serving Dallas – Fort Worth Since 2000

iProtection Systems Provides the following Sound Masking and Re-enforcement services and solutions to businesses across North Texas:

Sound Masking System

  • Sound Masking

  • Conference Room Masking

  • Integrated Paging

  • Integrated Background Music

  • Conduit Assemblies

Sound Re-Enforcement System

  • IP-Based Paging

  • Centralized Paging

  • Background Music

  • Mass Notificaion

  • Conduit Assemblies

Benefits of Sound Masking and Re-enforcement Systems

  • Noise control

  • Improved productivity

  • Speech protection and privacy

  • Increased employee comfortability

Sound Masking Solutions for Specialized Businesses

Sound masking and re-enforcement is your business solution to efficient and secure communications within the office area, entire building, or spanning through several buildings. Many businesses benefit from speech privacy such as:

  • Call centers

  • Corporate Offices

  • Financial institutions

  • Government facilities

  • Legislation and law facilities

  • Libraries

  • Medical Clinics

  • Pharmacies

Iprotection systems sound masking reenforcement workspace

No matter what type of North Texas business you may have, speech protection services will provide safe and protected communications all day, every day. At iProtection Systems we work closely with our clients to understand the sum of their needs and design speech protection solutions that fit their business.

Our solutions will not only improve the way you communicate with your customer, but also improve employee productivity.

Looking for a tailored made speech privacy solution for your business?

iProtection Systems specializes in sound masking and reinforcement systems for large and small businesses in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Our experienced and highly skilled experts are able to handle and design any size network cabling configuration for offices, call centers, corporate campuses, hospitals, and many more.

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