Requirements for installing a fire sprinkler system in commercial buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Oklahoma varies by county. Many other factors for fire sprinkler requires will come into play including:

  • Size
  • Occupancy
  • Construction classification

According to the latest NFPA guidelines (NFPA 13), fire sprinkler systems must be installed in:

  • All newly constructed commercial buildings 5,000 sq.ft. or larger .
  • When remodeling an existing commercial building and the square footage increases to 12,000 or more
  • Two or more unit townhomes and the sprinkler systems must be designed to NFPS 12-R requirements to include coverage of breezeways, garages, and balconies
  • Buildings more than 55 feet tall
  • Self-storage facilities are required to have fire sprinkler system installed, unless the facility does not have indoor corridors and a one-hour fire barrier installed.

To find out what regulations are needed for your newly constructed or renovated commercial business, contact us.